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DAC Pascani

DAC Pascani was founded in 1955. In time, the organization has experienced a continuous expansion of the  public services by extending the scope of action and diversifies its services.
In 1998, after the reorganization of RAJAC Iaşi, Pascani Branch was organized as a separate unit, under the control of Pascani Local Council under the name: Water and Sewerage Directorate Pascani.

Field of activity:

A. Services for capturing, handling, transport and distribution of drinking water in Pascani and Moţca, Hărmănesti, Todiresti, Cotnari;
B. Services of sewage and treatment of wastewater (domestic, industrial and pluvial);

Other services:
• water quality control
• water supply and transport services
• maintenance and repair works in networks and connections
• metrological checks for flow meters
• Emptying services

Mission and objectives
The mission of DAC Pascani is to provide continuous and effective quality services accessible to all customers.
Strategic Objectives:
1.    non-stop supply of drinking water to all customers, at the appropriate standards and quality at affordable prices, on the principles of economic efficiency;
2.    wastewater collection network of public sanitation, cleaning and treating sludge, complying with standards in environment protection;
3.    provision of services as specified by customers, at the best price / quality rate;
4.    regional expansion of provided services;
5.    development of human resources;
6.    obtaining an optimal profit margin to allow continued development of business;
7.    permanent up-to-date of the clients;
The official site for ISPA 2000/RO/16/P/PE/005 for “Rehabilitation of the water supply Waste Water system in Pascani municipality:

Contact details:
Address: Str. Moldovei, nr. 33
Telephone: +40.232.719.215, +40.232.719.530
Fax: +40.232.762.038
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