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Function and responsibilities

On June 5th 1995, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 11/1995, on declaring several towns as municipalities, the town of Pascani becomes a municipality. According to Annex 2, pt. 4.3 of Law 351/2001 - on the approval of the Plan of national territory – Section 4 –network locations, Pascani is a territorial-administrative unit of second rank.  

Pascani municipality, through its responsibilities and its function, represents a county support system, being an urban centre and a balance pole in the development of the regions in the western part of the county.

The public administration authorities through which the local autonomy is achieved are represented by the Local Council, as deliberative authority, and the Mayor, as executive authority, both in charge with solving the public matters, under the terms of the law.


The mayor is responsible for the proper functioning of the local public administration, according to law and represents Pascani municipality in the relations with other public authorities, with Romanian or foreign natural or legal entities, as well as in justice.


The mayor can exercise other duties, too, stipulated by law or other statutory instruments, as well as the tasks assigned by the local council.


In exercising his responsibilities, the mayor is assisted by the deputy mayor, the secretary of the territorial – administrative unit and the own specialty apparatus.


The mayor, the deputy mayor and the secretary of the territorial-administrative unit, as well as the own specialty apparatus constitute a functional structure with permanent activity, called the mayoralty of the municipality, that carries out the decisions of the local council and the Mayor’s orders, solving the current maters of the community. The headquarters of Pascani Town Hall is located in 16 Stefan cel Mare Street. 


The deputy mayor is elected by the Local Council from among its members. He is the Mayor’s rightful substitute and shall exercise the duties delegated to him by the Mayor, according to law. In case of vacancy of mayor's office, as well as in the case of his suspension from office, the duties that are conferred to him by law are exercised, by right, by the deputy mayor.


The secretary of Pascani Municipality is a civil servant of management, having legal or administrative higher education. The secretary cannot be a member of a political party, under the sanction of being released of his office and enjoys stability in office, under the terms of the law.

The Secretary shall verify the legality and ensure compliance by the local government, performing the duties provided by art.117 of Law No local government. 215/2001, republished, with amendments and additions, other tasks stipulated by law or other regulations or entrusted by the City Council or Mayor.

The own specialty apparatus is set up and organized in functional components which are structured in directorates, services and departments whose leadership is provided by the mayor, deputy mayor and secretary of the municipality, according to the organization chart approved by the local council. 

Pascani Town Hall directly coordinates the activity of the following public services without legal personality: the Maintenance and Streets Repairing Service, the Market Administration Service, the Plant Protection Department, the Community Police Service, the Person’s Record Public Community Service, Nursery Pascani No.1, Social Canteen Social,  SMURD (Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication), Personal Assistance Department. 

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